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Tables Ladders and Chairs 2017.

I know I'm late. Real life and all that noise get in the way. On Halloween eve I finally watched the last two matches of the  2017  "Tables Ladders and Chairs" show.
I already knew the results the  internet being what it is , and I knew most of the fan reaction as well.
For example, I know that Dave Meltzer Over at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave both of the  final matches 4.25 of his  vaunted "stars." I know it is kind of trendy right now around the wrestling  internet to shit all over Meltzer's star ratings and what not. I think the psychology surrounding that trend is  fodder for another post. I recognize anyones ratings as being subjective and personal. One thing I will say  about the  Wrestling Observer's ratings is love them or hate them they have been around for a long time now, so they at least have context. The subjective part is whether or not a person agrees with the context. Enough about that.

     AJ Styles Vs Finn Balor.
I'm goin…

Uncut Uncensored Uncooked RAW. (Raw Ep 02 1/18/1993)

Raw 02 from 1/18/1993 Ohh god it's happening. We kept watching once the  first episode ended because well it was still early, and episode 2 auto played.
Here is a recording of us watching the  show:|We watched the  show on the WWE Network.Try to  line up are audio with your video a using the  cues from the beginning of the  recording. No WWE /WWF Audio is included on the recording unless it leaked in indecently from the background.

This is the  second Monday night Raw and let me tell you ..WHAT A SHOW.. possibly not. If any one ever wanted to  point the finger to what made the  WWF different from something like Mid South, AWA, or Georgia Championship Wrestling. That person could point to this show.
It was a 1 hour show. Roughly 24 minutes and 20 seconds were wrestling, but much of that were run ins. I think there is still more wrestling per hour on this show than there is on today's version of RAW but it doesn't feel like very much in ring action. There is definitely more …

Table Ladders and Chairs 2017 preview.

TLC 2017
Table Ladders Chairs.
Oh my,

What does it take to make a Mid October Pay preview interesting? No not Abdullah the Butcher locked in a fake electric chair.. no this time it's viral Meningitis.

According to most of the internet, Viral Meningitis has struck down several Raw superstars. Given that VM  is nothing to mess with pulling Bray Wyatt and  Roman Reigns is the only option.
So we don't get the PPV shield reunion we were promised. Instead they  WWE had to pull Kurt Angle off the shelf and drop him into the  main event. The  American Hero teams with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins of the shield to take on The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) The Miz, and  Braun Strowman.

The other replacement is a much bigger upgrade in my opinion. A sick Bray Wyatt will have to wait for his chance to role play Sister Abigail. Instead we get A.J. Styles called in  to pitch hit VS Finn Balor. A match between the founder of and another former leader of Bullet Club. In terms of in ring work rate …

Inaugural Episode of the "Paused at Podcast"

This is the inaugural episode of the weekly "Paused at Podcast."
Download it in MP3 format here.

Episode 0.05 will feature:

Jay and Mark talking about  wrestling.Three subjects: Does the WWE simply have too much talent right now?Was the Attitude era really better, or are we just nostalgic?Each of our top three Current Heels, and why?Will also feature:Sketchy sound quality due to my  bad internet connection.I need a pop for my headset mic... Is that even a thing?Completely non-insider opinions because we're honestly just a couple of fans. I think it's refreshing, your millage may vary. All Jokes aside this is episode 0.05 because it's a beta run. Trying to get our three questions in less than or right around an hour format down. Trying to get the  audio  worked out. Generally just trying to make it "OK" for a first attempt.  Unfortunately we can't be in the same room when we record, so I have to rely on recording off discord, which is not optimal. I…

The Start of the End

Yearsago when I was a young lad, I loved the WWF. I was a child of the Rock N Wrestling Era. This is why unlike most of the guys here I have a special connection with Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Roddy Piper and the JYD. (I had all these t-shirt given to me as hand me downs at this age too) WWF was everything and I really don’t remember a time as a kid to teenager WWF not being in my life. 
I can remember running into the house on a Sunday morning after church. Getting my dress clothes off and throwing on a Hulkamania or Hot Rod shirt and get ready to sit in front of the TV to watch WWF Superstars. For a child of 8 or 9 this was the best thing on television except for the A-Team or Knight Rider possibly. Mean Gene would be in the back talking with wrestlers who would come out and beat the hell out of some paid loser. Saturday morning used to have a show on as well. I think it might have been on our local FOX affiliate but I could be wrong. It was the same format show.
I remember mostly watchi…

Uncut Uncensored Uncooked RAW. (Raw Ep 01 1/11/1993)

This was recorded on 10/16/17 It has nothing do with the WWE Monday night RAW broadcast live network television that night.This has everything to do with the very first episode of RAW Recorded on January 11, 1993. Here is an audio file of us watching  the  show.We all watch on the WWE Network.Non of WWE's audio is included on this recording, unless it is incidental in the background.We used a foggy picture of the  Empire state building in the beginning of the  show to line up our streams.Listen along whit us if you like.

Broadcast live on USA network  live from NY's Manhattan center. Which I completely think is the  same place as the  Hammerstein Ballroom, but again I go to the internet for clarification and I find four or five different locations listed on different sites, with different names ect...  (One thing I know is this in not the grand ball room  as was mentioned on one site. The grand ball room doesn't have balcony ... but  I'm digressing.)
Regardless of the …

NXT 10/11/17 (Liv n' Lars Velvet Vega)

NXT 10/11/17
Here is an audio file of us watching the  show on the WWE network. If you  have the net work, pull up the  show, pause it at the  John Cena image during the opening scroll, then hit play on both and watch along with us! The recording does not contain the WWE's Audio, just us talking. 

Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan vs Nikki Cross:     There are a lot of things I don't understand about  WWE and NXT. ONe of which is  what the hell they are doing  with Liv Morgan. That didn't change when I saw this match booked. It was pretty obvious from the start Niki or Peyton were going to win this match. So where does Liv go? I guess it's easy to say that she's "not ready" or to dump on her ring work. However watching this match  it's not like Peyton looked that much better than her, even though she is the more seasoned performer. By the  end of the match when they showed Live crumpled in the corner I joked with a friend "Ohh yeah Liv was in this match.&…